UV400 23 6.3 Ref. 06650 FC3 (τ 9-12%) Dark Grey 75% Ref. 06651 FC3 (τ 12-15%) Dark Green-Grey 75% G15 Ref. 06652 FC3 (τ 8-10%) Dark Brown 75% Ref. 06658 FC3 (τ 12%) Mirror Blue Base Grey 75% Ref. 06659 FC4 (τ 7%) Mirror Silver Base Grey 90% Base Ø 76 mm | 1,8 mm with hard coating treatment and AR inside B 6 B 6 Hard coating and AR inside • Excellent scratch and impact resistance. • Each lens has a durable and effective AR Coating treatment on the inner side for enhanced vision. Hard coating CR39 lens Anti-reflective coating Hard coating Hard coating and mirror treatment • Excellent scratch and impact resistance. • Low light absorption. • Partial IR protection. Hard coating CR39 lens Mirror coating Hard coating FILTERS CONFORM TO INTERNATIONAL NORM EN ISO12312-1:2013+A1:2015 CR39 With Hard Coating Base 6 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © LAB MOD SYSTEM FRAME PARTS TOOLS PLIERS EQUIPMENTS LENSES REFRACTION & ORTHOPTIC INDEX LAB CONSUMABLES Base Ø 76 mm | 1,8 mm with hard coating and mirror treatment UV400 - Mirror MADE IN ITALY 2 pcs. 6 pcs.