47 6.7 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © LAB MOD SYSTEM FRAME PARTS TOOLS PLIERS EQUIPMENTS LENSES REFRACTION & ORTHOPTIC INDEX LAB CONSUMABLES To check transmission of UV and visible light UV & VISIBLE SPECTROTESTER Ref. 05053 Digital device ideal to check UV-protection and transmission values of a lens. Rear-illuminated LCD display. The first display shows: • Transmission rate of UV light • Transmission rate of visible light The second display shows: • Degree of UV protection • Filter category according to EC norms Power supply: 230V AC 50Hz (12V – 1A with transformer) Dimensions: 220x145x70mm Weight: 0.62 kg. 2,5 WATT POWER CONSUMPTION UV/A • Measures the percentage of ultraviolet light passing through a lens in the range from 320 to 400 nm. VISIBLE • Measures the transmission percentage of visible light. Relative UV-A transmission display: From 0 to 3% safe From 4 to 12% caution 1 From 13 to 100% caution 2 Visibile: From 0 to 100% UV 0% VISIBLE 13% SAFE CATEGORY 3 DISPLAY 1 DISPLAY 2 VIDEO