NEW NEW NEW NEW UV400 - Lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision 20 CR39 Polarized Fashion Base 6 6.2 FILTERS CONFORM TO INTERNATIONAL NORM EN ISO12312-1:2013+A1:2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © LAB MOD SYSTEM FRAME PARTS LAB CONSUMABLES TOOLS PLIERS EQUIPMENTS LENSES REFRACTION & ORTHOPTIC INDEX Ref. 06356 FC3 (τ 13%) Polarized Light Blue 75% Base Ø 80 mm | 2,0 mm B 6 Ref. 06355 FC2 (τ 25%) Polarized Light Green 60% Ref. 06353 FC2 (τ 27%) Polarized Yellow/Brown 60% Ref. 06354 FC2 (τ 23%) Polarized Pink/Violet 60% 2 pcs. Polarizing effect • Enables colours and contrasts to be seen as they really are. • Recommended for adults when driving, playing golf, sailing, fishing, skiing. Outer lens layer in CR39 Middle lens layer in polarized material Inner lens layer in CR39