For orthoptic therapies of amblyopia and strabismus - In fabric 10 7.1 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © HYPOALLERGENIC OCCLUDERS FOR FRAMES Occluders for children and adults frames made of high quality ecological fabric, reusable and washable. They are made with certified materials, hypoallergenic and breathable, and eco-friendly. The fabric is printed using inks and water based dyes. They are designed to comfortably fit on any type of frame and provide a total occlusion, effective for the treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye). These occluders offer the perfect combination of comfort, style and fit to make treatment time fun and effective for children, and elegant for adults. Most occluders have graphics suitable for both the right and left eyes; for those with "Fluorescent skull" and "Glitter heart" graphics you can choose for right or left eye. CHILDREN Dimensions: 100x50 mm Ref. 08180 Soccer Blues Ref. 08181 Pirate Skulls Ref. 08182 Jurassic Ref. 08183 Fairies Ref. 08184 Hearts&Flowers Ref. 08185 Hoots Ref. 08191R Right eye Ref. 08191L Left eye Glow in the Dark ADULT Dimensionis: 110x55 mm Ref. 08171 Regular Beige Ref. 08172 Regular Black