10 6.1 Hypo-allergenic fun patches for children’s vision problems - Latex Free ADHESIVE EYE PATCHES ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © JUNIORWHITE 67x50 mm Ref. 08076 6 Packs Ref. 08074 12 Packs MEDIUMWHITE 76x54 mm Ref. 08079 6 Packs Ref. 08078 12 Packs JUNIOR SYMPATHY 67x50 mm Ref. 08071 1 Pack MEDIUM SYMPATHY 76x54 mm Ref. 08072 1 Pack REGULARWHITE 85x59 mm Ref. 08077 6 Packs Ref. 08075 12 Packs Each pack contains funny patch stickers. Each pack contains 20 patches. Each pack contains 20 patches. Reserved for the Italian Market • Made of a perforated monostretch non-woven material for extreme comfort. • A special black screen in the central pad prevents the passage of light. For this reason, they are suitable to treat strabismus and amblyopia. • Totally hypo-allergenic, latex free, for sensitive skin around the eye. Well ventilated to avoid sweating. • Can be used for prolonged treatment. • Close eye when applying. EEC dir.93/42 • Make sure that the skin around the eye is dry and clean and that the child's face is relaxed before applying the eye patch over the closed eye. • Open the wrapper and peel off the film from the adhesive side of the patch. • Apply the patch to the skin with the smaller corner nearest the nose. • Use fingers to apply pressure to all outer edges of the eye patch to ensure that all of the patch is sticking to the skin. • We recommend to replace ORTOPAD® every day or according to the doctor's instructions.