PLIERS 210222

NEW NEW NEW NEW For rimless frames - Cutter with hard metal insert 9 EASY MOVE PARALLEL PLIERS 3.1 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © LAB MOD SYSTEM FRAME PARTS TOOLS PLIERS EQUIPMENTS LENSES REFRACTION & ORTHOPTIC INDEX LAB CONSUMABLES PARALLEL HARD METAL FLAT CUTTING BLADES With carbide tips, flat cutting Ref. 03838 Ref. 03840 Ref. 03848 TO CUT S/STEEL SCREWS AND PLASTIC PINS Hard metal inserts, flat cutting Ref. 03844 TO INSERT PLASTIC PINS Tilting inserts Ref. 03259 Spare jaws - 1 pair TO REMOVE PLASTIC PINS Ref. 03257 Spare jaws - 1 pair