PLIERS 210222

8 mm 0,5 mm For rimless and supra frame 25 PLIERS FOR ADJUSTMENTS 3.2 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © LAB MOD SYSTEM FRAME PARTS TOOLS PLIERS EQUIPMENTS LENSES REFRACTION & ORTHOPTIC INDEX LAB CONSUMABLES Ref. 03480 INCLINATION PLIER With 8 mm nylon jaws NYLON HOLDING PLIER PRESS-IN NYLON PLIER To pull the nylon thread Ref. 03221 Spare jaws - 1 pair Ref. 03481 Spare hook - 1 pc. MOUNTING HOOK To insert the thread into the groove of the lens Ref. 03475N Ref. 03470N Ref. 03480 Ref. 03465N REGULAR 160 VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO