RIMLESS Centro Style rimless spare parts are specifically designed to help the optician with the assembly and the repair of rimless frames. Our wide offering includes many spare parts for all the differing kinds of assembly of rimless frames (with screws or with plastic pins). Packaging: The products are supplied in a modular container, which allows you to join together multiple boxes with an integrated lid to facilitate the organization of the lab and for a quickly searching for the component. The re-order tag facilitates reordering without possibility of error and the bar code allows inventory control. SPARE PARTS FOR RIMLESS ASSEMBLYWITH SCREW • Screws with nuts Wide range of screws ideal for rimless frames and for any lens thickness. These screws are longer than the standard ones and with continuous thread. They are available both in nickel silver and stainless steel, with different head shapes to give some aesthetic detail to the rimless frames. Made in Italy and are Reach compliant. • Washers, bushes, screw caps and nuts The metal washers and nuts are produced by lathe machining to ensure the correct measurements especially of the metric pitch of the nuts supplying a higher quality than molded products. The bushes and the plastic washers are produced from high-quality moulds to maintain the thickness of the sections and ensure effectiveness of use. Bushes and washers act as bearings between the frames parts used in the rimless assembly to reduce friction, facilitate tightening and avoid contact of the metal parts with the lenses. The screw caps are made of soft transparent silicone and provide cover to the prominent part of the screw. SPARE PARTS FOR RIMLESS ASSEMBLYWITH PLASTIC PINS The plastic pins and metal bridges (in steel or titanium) are produced with high-quality moulds to grant precision and effectiveness of use. • Plastic pins They are made of plastic material of different hardness: Soft, Medium Soft, Medium Hard and Hard. The ease of assembly and the resistance in the use of the frame by the end user make them different from each other. The choice of the material depends on the lens type and on the optician’s experience in assembly. Plastic pins are single or double, with or without hollows. Three kinds of pins are available: • Double sleeves: they are the classic ones normally used by frame companies and offer a pleasant aesthetic appearance for the frame. • Hollow double sleeves: they are new generation pins to allow an easy assembly also of very thin lenses or positive lenses with low thicknesses on the sides. Moreover thanks to the hollows it is possible to cut the prominent part of the metal pin after assembling the rimless frame. • Single sleeves: they are used for special assemblies or when it is not possible to use double sleeves due to a different interaxis. They are Made in Europe, made in Korea and are Reach compliant. • Bridges They are available in two sizes (30 and 32 mm) to offer the best fitting and they are available in two different materials: • Steel: very resistant and hardmaterial, it is mainly used for standard rimless frames. Suitable for assembly both with screws and with plastic pins. A wide range of colours with shiny finishing are available. • Titanium: ultralight material suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. Assembly with plastic double sleeves. The special self-locking shape of the two laser-welded pins guarantees their tightness during use. Reach compliant. 33 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © LAB MOD SYSTEM FRAME PARTS TOOLS PLIERS EQUIPMENTS LENSES REFRACTION & ORTHOPTIC INDEX LAB CONSUMABLES VIDEO